Guy smoking hookah

The Hookah Addict

Let's be honest. No one even believes you’re muslim. You’re probably referred to as “white-washed” amongst all your friends and you probably don’t even know what direction Mecca is. It’s okay though, maybe one day.

Guy praying

Ramadan Muslim

There's one month out of every year in which you go through a rebranding phase and somehow randomly turn religious after 11 months of drinking and smoking. Hey, suit yourself big guy.

Guy drinking

Drinks after Jummah?

It’s Friday, you just had a great Jummah, now its time to go turn it up with your home boys/girls. You probably say Bismillah before you drink your beer. However, you’re definitely muslim, at least only on the inside.

fingers crossed

Wallah Breaker

No one trusts your wallahs, even when you’re being sincere. You’ve turned yourself into the boy who cries wolf. Uncross your fingers.

two people, one modest one wild

Modest insta, wild private story

You're definitely either trying to protect your innocent image or you got some fake cousins following you. Let loose, show the world who you really are.

guy looking for something

You seen my vape bro?

You’re definitely addicted to nicotine, but that’s probably the only drug you’ve consumed. You almost want to act like you're some cool party dude but you know your guilt won’t let you, I mean, your parents won’t.

three circles

Triple Threat

You think saying inshallah, mashallah, and alhamdulillah 24/7 makes you religious. You catch everyone off guard and make them feel like they have to say it too. Someone will just say they want food and you’ll be like iA. Then we gotta be like “yea yea iA you right”.

angry person

The cousin who acts like a parent

You’re probably the oldest sibling and for some reason have taken it upon yourself to act as an interim parent when you’re with your friends/cousins. Everyone loves you, but only because they have to.


8:00 Curfew

Let's be honest, you either have or had some type of curfew. You love your parents but this really makes you mad. And unfortunately if you’re a lady you might even have a brother who doesn’t have to oblige by this curfew. Sorry ladies.


The Sheikh

You’re the person everyone goes to for Islamic advice. Everyone appreciates you and there’s a good chance you’ve memorized the Quran. Props!